On the professional field, we can distinguish two types of profiles regarding the use of Twitter:

1. Knowledge Generators

The Knowledge Generator profile is the most traditional one. This profile is characterized by using Twitter to post their own information, created by them. We follow them because we are interested in the information they generate and we want to keep up with their new creations.

The problem is that there are millions of Knowledge Generators and our ability to monitor them is limited because of time and expertise. First, it is not possible to know all the possible Knowledge Generators related to our areas of interest and, secondly, if this were possible, we would not have time to read everything they publish.

It is here where the second profile of Twitter is useful.

2. Experts Followers

The Expert Follower profile is usually a connoisseur of a particular field, characterized by his extensive knowledge about who are the greatest experts. The Expert Follower knows and follows the most important Knowledge Generators, reads their tweets, blogs and websites and recommends that information through Twitter.

Thus, following an Expert Follower not only allows us to access a vast network of knowledge through a limited number of contacts, but also to access a selected high-quality knowledge.

Below, you can see a diagram representing a network where Knowledge Generators (either through blogs or Twitter) and Followers Experts can be distinguished.

The Knowledge Network in Twitter 

As can be seen, through a network of 5 major contacts we are able to access a network of 12 contacts in total. With a minimal cost we can maximize the quality of our network.