Organizations need to systematically plan, organize, manage, and control resources to achieve specific goals. Until now, the most used project management tools are spreadsheets as Excel. However, the increasing complexity and sophistication of projects, from one hand, and the success of social networks and collaboration software, from the other hand, have led to the emergence of project management software.

In this post I have selected a little group of online Gantt chart software, free most of them. For each tool I have summarized the main pros and cons.

Besides offering you a useful guide to select the most suited tool, the main goal of this post is combining the best of each tool to imagine and describe the perfect online Gantt chart software. You will find it at the end.


  • Integrates with Google drive
  • Supports 11 languages
  • Allows attach notes to each task
  • Has an easy feedback system
  • Bars cannot be customized in different colors
  • Doesn’t allow multiuser registration and the creation of groups of users


  • Gantt project is a desktop tool for project scheduling
  • Not easy to share: You need to set up a webdav server though or you can use a proper versioning tool such as CVS (what?)
  • Bad support forum, not very useful to find questions by topic


  • Not free
  • Bars can be customized in colors
  • Multiuser collaboration: you can invite your coworkers and teammates
  • Allows notes
  • It is easy to allocate resources, change de date…


  • Free only for personal registration
  • iPad & iPhone Compatible
  • Multiuser collaboration
  • Bars can be customized
  • With drag and drop simplicity
  • Allows icons (meeting, email)
  • Task description appears on the bars, not beside them


  • Free account for a maximum of 5 users and 10 resources
  • Supports different languages
  • Multiuser collaboration
  • Bad visualization, too small, with a not clear right column


My favorite online Gantt chart software is Tom’s Planner, BUT its features are not all for free. From the full free software options, I would choose Gantter, BUT it has an important lack: it doesn’t allow multiuser collaboration.

Therefore, what the online project management tool of my dreams would be?

  1. Free
  2. Online, with a desktop application
  3. iPad & iPhone Compatible
  4. Integrated with Google Docs to share and collaborate on documents attached to tasks
  5. Integrated with Google Calendar to pin milestones
  6. Designed for multiuser collaboration: a single profile for the company with multiple users that can be invited. Users can create private or open projects and groups.
  7. Integrated with an enterprise Social Network
  8. It supports different languages
  9. Bars can be customized in different colors
  10. The name of tasks appear in the bar, not besides
  11. With a drag & drop system to reschedule tasks
  12. To change the name of tasks and projects you just only have to double click (preventing drop down menus)
  13. Saturday and Sunday can be excluded from the schedule
  14. The right column (with the description of tasks, resources and notes) can be reduced
  15. It includes icons for milestones
  16. Allows to preview and modify the pdf exported project
  17. With a blog, a forum and a support team
Will someone create this?