The evolution of computers runs parallel to the evolution of marketing. Those who have only known the current iMac will certainly believe that the computers that appear in these ads are an invention. This historical review allows us to see how the computer that all we know takes shape. However, over the years, Apple also finds its own voice, its own style, that permeates the ad as a whole.

This compilation does not include all the Apple’s commercials. I’ve only selected the most significant ones or those that best reflect the evolution of the Mac. I’ve tried to identify the year of all them. Thanks to all those who uploaded these videos to YouTube.

In the beginning, there was a personal computer (1977)

Apple (1984)

Apple IIc (1984)

The introduction of Macintosh (1984)

Lemmings, the Macintosh Office (1985)

The power to be your best (1987)

Macintosh at the office (1990)

“They have a Mac!” (1995)

Everyone has a bad day (1996)

Think Different (1997)

The Snail (1997)

Say hello to iMac (1998)

2000: A space odyssey (1999)

Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

iMac G4 (2002)

Switchers (2002)

“Hello, I’m a Mac” (2006)

The new iMac (2007)

Interl iMac, the last frontier? (2009)