SEO, keywords, number of clicks, visits, retweets, followers, friends, likes, comments, repins… But did you really enjoy writing the post? Internet allows us to obtain a large number of metrics related to the “success” of our publications, but we must not forget that the “success” is also having enjoyed with it.

Bookshops and the Internet are full of articles and books that promise to reveal us the essential keys to get followers on social networks or to have the most visited websites and blogs. In fact, whole volumes could be written about each social media and the Google search engine.

However, you only need to see the ranking of the most followed people on Twitter to realize that there are no magic formulas to success on the Internet.

In a previous post, entitled “Why do we follow who we follow?“, I showed that celebrities are the most followed on Twitter. If we read the tweets posted by them, we’ll see that, in general, they are pretty insubstantial. The same goes for blogs. Something that never ceases to amaze me is how some successful writers with great books can have blogs so dull.

The conclusion is, finally, that the road to online popularity is closely related to the offline popularity. Really, it doesn’t matter what they publish, people will follow them anyway.

The point is that our ability to get visitors, followers or whatever is actually very limited. So don’t go crazy with metrics. It doesn’t worth it. Forget for a few days how many new followers you have and do not get depressed if you lose some of them.

Obviously, this is not so easy to do. Everyone with a blog has sometimes listened the question “How many followers do you have?”. But, it doesn’t matter if my articles are interesting?

Don’t let metrics make you forget the most important thing, the reason why you started posting and you decided to create a website, a blog or a Twitter account: the pleasure of giving something valuable. Try to use all the tools at your disposal so that your content reaches the maximum number of people, but if at the end only a few have read your post, don’t worry. Enjoy!