Nowadays we can find many articles and books on the importance of content, design or social media, but the key to reach our customers and the general public is in the combination of these three elements.


Content is king. In the context of media, content is information and experiences that may provide value for users, but we can generalize it and understand content as a primary business activity. In the case of a restaurant, for example, it would be the menu.

Most companies understand the content from this limited perspective. However, successful companies have a much broader concept that is not limited to the obvious activity (restaurant / menu, shoe store / shoes …). Behind this visible activity there is another kind of activity, normally not visible to the outside world.

This activity in the shadows includes everyday internal processes and specific events. In the case of a restaurant, it could include, for example, the creation of the menu, the preparation of the dishes, the relationship with customers and suppliers, the decor, etc…

First King Content

These activities known only to the company may be, in fact, much more interesting than the visible activity. The value of this content lies in its ability to inspire, surprise, entertain, teach… If we display this content, if we give away it, the public will appreciate our generosity and, above all, we will not be just another company.

In addition to our activities there is an additional valuable content that very few companies exploit: knowledge. As a company, we are experts in a particular field. Giving visibility this resource can help us get reputation.


If content is king, design is the messenger. We may have great content, but we need to display it so its qualities are highlighted. The goal of design is threefold: aesthetics, functionality and user experience. Design allows content, a product or a service to be attractive, to be intuitively understood and to become an unforgettable experience.

Second King Design

Everyone knows that by inserting an image into a post we get a lot more visits. The same goes for any other type of content: a video, a brochure, an article, a catalog, a hall… The potential of content is reduced without a good design. In the 21st century design is essential.

It’s a shame to see brochures, blogs, websites and services with good content but poor design. Without good design, we are not helping the customer to understand who we are, what we do and what we know. Without good design, our content seems confusing, rudimentary and outdated. Design must be present in all areas of our business.

Social Media

Once we have done all of our content emerge and, thanks to design, we have made it easily accessible and understandable to our customers, it is necessary to transmit it. We need communication tools.

The traditional communication tools are advertisements, posters, articles in the press … These tools are still valid and have great potential. However, there is another type of tools that, with a much lower cost, can allow us to reach a huge audience in seconds. These are social media.

Besides the advantage of price and speed, social media have a quality that the traditional communication channels cannot afford: they allow customers to communicate among them.

Third King Social Media

If we gather quality content, well designed, and we sent it to the public through social media, people will appreciate that we share with them an entertaining, funny, inspiring, educational content and their way of thanking our gift will be talking about us, recommending and sharing our content with friends and followers, becoming thus a booster antenna.