Get the most out of your LinkedIn Company Page to promote your business abroad with these three tips:

1. Create different language versions of your home page

LinkedIn allows us to create different language versions of the home page (overview section) of our Company Page, so that members can see the version that matches their language preference.

If, for example, we create Spanish and French versions, these will be the home pages that will see those members whose profile is in Spanish or French, respectively. In the event that someone with a profile in a different language visits our company page, LinkedIn would display our default language version.

Introduce your company in different languages

Introduce your company in different languages

It is important to note that in these versions we only can change the company name and description, but not the image. That’s why we should consider using an image understandable to everyone, regardless of language.

2. Target the audience of your updates

As in our personal profile on LinkedIn, we can also post updates in our Company Page. The purpose of these updates is to attract followers, so it is important to publish information attractive enough to prompt people to follow us.

One of the most interesting features of the company status updates is the possibility of targeting a specific audience. The selection can be made according to different criteria, among which I’d highlight Industry and Geography.

Target your audience by their geographic location

Target your audience by their geographic location

Let’s imagine a company that manufactures a product aimed at the food industry and another one aimed to the packaging sector. In this case, if they publish that they will attend a packaging fair, they might consider sending this update only to those among their followers who belong to this sector.

Similarly, LinkedIn allows us to filter the audience of our updates according to their geographical location, so maybe we could be interested in publishing two updates, one in English for our local followers and another one in Spanish for our followers in Spain and Latin America.

3. Display your products in accordance with the characteristics of your audience

In our company profile we can also display our products. In this section we can include a short presentation, a maximum of three images, and a list of services and products. Each service or product, in turn, may be accompanied by a small picture and a description, among other things.

In this case, which is of particular interest to international companies is the possibility of creating different versions based on the criteria mentioned in the previous point. In these versions we can modify the general description, the images and the order in which the products and services are displayed.

Create new audiences for your products and services

Create new audiences for your products and services

This means that we can create versions in other languages depending on the geographical origin of the member who visits our Company Page, or change the order of appearance of the products and services in the event we have different offers for each region.

But attention: we cannot change the description of our products and services, so it is essential to properly determine which will be our default version.

(This article was originally published in Spanish in Amec’s blog on 21th May, 2013)