When organizing events, attendees’ registration may be a complex task if we don’t use the correct tools. Do you know which are the best free online event management and ticketing services?

Not all companies can afford to have a website to manage the registration of event attendees. Traditionally, the most common solution has been to ask for confirmation through email. However, this system has its risks: emails missing or insufficient data about the attendees.

The solution that many companies have found to solve these problems has been the creation of forms with Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). These forms, which can be easily embedded in our website, allow us to manage data efficiently.

Although Google has greatly improved the design of forms (now we can upload images to show our logo), this isn’t the optimal solution.

Firstly, because until an order confirmation is not received we can never be sure if our information was successfully processed. It is true that Google forms show a message confirming that the data was correctly sent, but this is not enough. Obviously, we can send an email, but it would be somewhat rustic.

Secondly, because Google forms are not useful in those cases in which the attendance is not free.

Fortunately there is a way to solve these problems: online event management and ticketing services. After comparing the main free existing offers, two of them stand out clearly from the rest. They are Eventbrite and Amiando.



1. Profile: Available in several languages. We can add our logo, add info about our organization and show our website and social networks profiles. It is possible to customize colors or choose a template.

2. Events: Includes a map, a logo, a description (with advanced edition settings) and a design with templates and custom colors.

3. Ticket tips: Accepts different kind of tickets, free and with payment. Each ticket tip accepts different sales dates.

4. Payment options: Credit card or PayPal. We’ll be charged the Eventbrite fee for these orders with offline payment methods, as check or payment at the event. There is the possibility to pass on the fees to the ticket buyer or absorb the fees into the ticket price.

5. Order Form: We can add additional info as Job Title and Organization, and create a question.

6. Order confirmation: We can customize the email confirmation registration. Attendees will receive an email with a pdf ticket attached.



1. Profile: Available in several languages. Designed as a personal profile, with birthday and gender info.

2. Event: The edition of the event design is more advanced than in Eventbrite. We can upload an image as background, add YouTube videos and documents. There is no social networks information, but there is a Facebook app to integrate a ticket shop.

3. Ticket Tips: More or less as Eventbrite, with the possibility of creating a registration code only for invited guests.

4. Payment options: Credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

5. Order Form: We can collect additional data from our attendees and insert our own terms and conditions.

6. Order confirmation: More or less as Eventbrite.


In conclusion, Eventbrite and Amiando are very similar and both offer basically the same features. The main difference is that while Amiando allows a greater customization of events, Evenbrite allows us to create a corporate profile much more powerful and appealing. All depends on what features you value most.