Long before humans existed, flowers already used content marketing techniques to spread over the surface of the planet. Learn from flowers 5 tips that you can use for success in content marketing.

Everything comes from the great book of nature – Antoni Gaudí

1. Design!

Flowers: Plants use flowers with colored petals and strong scents to attract insects.

Content Marketing: Content alone is not enough. We need a good design to make it attractive and help our visitors to quickly recognize the subject in which we specialize. But the goal of design is not only aesthetics. Designing the information we are transmitting it’s also important, especially if it’s text, to ease its understanding.

2. Learn about the habits of your target audience

Flowers: Many plants adapt the opening hours of their flowers depending on the hours of activity of the insects in which they are specialized. The shape of the flowers also is adapted to facilitate access to nectar.

Content Marketing: If you have followers, newsletters, or use social networks, consider the best time to publish your content to match the hours of most intense activity of your target audience. Similarly, it is also important to know other features: which are their topics of interest, their prior knowledge and their needs.

3. Reward the visit

Flowers: Flowers reward the visit of insects with nectar. Their goal is to offer something so delicious that makes the insect remain for a long while in the flower. The longer it remains, the greater the amount of pollen that will be hooked to its body.

Content Marketing: We must reward visits with truly useful content for our audience. Give something valuable. Make your visitors find delicious all the details. The more content they consume, the more information we can transmit about ourselves and our products and services.

4. Turn your audience in brand evangelists

Flowers: Finalized the visit, the insect will spread the pollen all over the other flowers it will visit later. In the case of bees, in addition, they will communicate the information about where to find the flowers.

Content Marketing: If our content is valuable enough, some of our visitors will talk about us to other people and they’ll even publish it on social networks. People rely on the opinion and recommendations of their peers to make their choices. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

5. A Win-Win relationship

Flowers: The flower- insect relationship is based on mutualism, where both benefit. Flowers spread their pollen and insects collect nectar.

Content Marketing: A good content marketing is one in which the company acquires new customers and inspires loyalty, and visitors get valuable information.

However, this mutual relationship is not always respected by companies. In many cases, the quality and quantity of their content is only apparent. As soon as the visitor arrives at the site where (supposedly) content is provided, it becomes clear that the relationship only benefits the company, who tries to sell their products and capture visitors data without offering anything of value in return.