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modular design prescouter

How Formula 1 and other ‘extreme contexts’ inform breakthrough innovations

Understanding the essence of our context can be the key to innovation. Read more.

modular design prescouter

Innovation in Highly Complex Markets: Lessons from BJ Adaptaciones

The innovation model of BJ Adaptaciones, a company specialized in designing solutions adapted for people with disabilities, gives us the keys to innovation in highly complex markets. Read more.

intranetum sugoru prescouter

A Smart Tool that Could Change How Computers Manage Information

Intranetum, a smart knowledge management tool for companies could be the next big thing in the way computers organize information. Their big secret is… deleting folders. Read more.

bb energy group sugoru

This Solar Deckchair with Phone Charger Was Created by User Entrepreneurs

BB Energy Group, a Spanish innovation-based startup founded by user entrepreneurs, has created a solar deckchair that can charge mobile devices while sunbathing. Read more.

nice fruit sugoru

How Nice Fruit Achieved the Impossible: Fresh Frozen Fruit

Nice Fruit is an example of how universities can be the source of revolutionary innovations that have a positive impact on society. Read more.

lekue prescouter

The Multiple Dimensions of Design-driven Innovation

The design company Lékué shows us that radical innovation is multidimensional and breaks with the mainstream. It goes beyond design, the product and even the company itself. Read more.

factum arte prescouter

The Role of Constraints as a Driver of Serial Innovation

Focused on the importance of resources and strategies, the key role of constraints as a trigger for innovations is often overlooked. This is the case of Factum Arte, a company I’ve contacted to learn more about their model of innovation. Read more.

inertia prescouter

The Biggest Innovation Killer: Inertia

To change things, to innovate, we need to do one thing: stop. Stop to fix what isn’t working, improve what has ceased to be efficient and create something new. However, many companies are unable to perform this simple step. Read more.

team prescouter

Want to Innovate? First Learn What Your Team Actually Does!

If we don’t understand what our employees really do and how they do it any attempt of innovation will be doomed to failure. The innovation strategy of a company with superficial knowledge of the work done by employees is, inevitably, superficial. Read more.

microsoft prescouter

Lessons Microsoft Has Learned From Their Innovative Customers

No matter how good our products and services are, as designers we cannot predict how and for what our customers will use them. Inevitably, at the time of their launching onto the market, users will begin to identify limitations and request changes. Read more.

microsoft prescouter

What Pixar Shorts Can Teach Us About Innovation

Pixar shows that the best innovations are not always planned or have to come from the innovation department. If we give employees autonomy and we trust in their abilities, both the whole company and our customers will benefit. Read more.





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I’m contributor for Innovation Excellence and PreScouter Journal, relevant blog sites focused on providing the latest strategies, tactics, and inventions emerging from the current culture of innovation around the world.

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