“If you share what you know, you will no longer be necessary”. This is the great fear that lies behind the reluctance of many people and organizations to share information. Is this true?

1. Sooner or later, the information will be known

In the Digital Era, the information can be stored and transmitted easily. The walls that cannot be pulled down are dodged. Even the best kept secret, sooner or later ends up being public. If your only power lies in controlling information, what will you have once it is known? You’ll be obsolete.

2. Power doesn’t lie in having, but in sharing

Everybody can have information, but only one can share good information for the first time. Power is not in having but in positioning oneself as a source of information. If you’re the first to share valuable information you will become a reference that others will follow to be the first to know the latest developments.

3. If you don’t share, nobody knows what you have

Unless you have in mind an evil plan of world domination, what is the point of keeping your skills and knowledge secret if nobody knows all you can offer? This is one of the basics of content marketing. The information we share is a sign: this is only the tip of the iceberg of what I can do for you.

4. They can copy the information, but no your knowledge

Even if I try to reproduce, ingredient by ingredient, my grandmother’s recipe for apple pie, I never get a pie as good as hers. The same applies to information. Data is of little use without the know-how, experience and thousands of imperceptible details. Talent cannot be copied.

5. Information always returns

The information you share today will allow others to create things from which all of us (including you) will benefit tomorrow. You’re not alone. You also need information from others.