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LACESS Laboratory of Social Simulation
Presentation of LACESS, the Laboratory for Analysing Experimental Behaviour by means of Social Simulation.

Report on the State of Internationalization 2016
Slidedoc about the state of internalization of the Spanish exporters in 2016

Seven Questions Before Designing a Presentation
Whether you have to design a presentation for a client or for yourself, you should answer seven questions that will help you to determine what kind of presentation is needed (or even if a presentation is the best choice). Learn more.

Eight Principles of Information Architecture
Presentation based on the Dan Brown’s Eight Principles of Information Architecture.

Planet of Cities
A Bird’s-Eye View of Urbanization Trends Worldwide.

Index of Solidity of the Internationalization (ES)
The Index of Solidity of the Internationalization by amec summarizes annually the strength and robustness of the internationalization of the Spanish economy..

How to Use Visual Content to Promote Your Tweets
Tweets with images and videos get twice the engagement of those without. But do we really know how to correctly use visual content on Twitter? Learn more.

The principle of plasticity in design
In design, plasticity describes the tendency of a product or service to adopt other uses than those for which it was originally designed. Learn more.

AMEC Corporate Presentation (extract)
AMEC is a private business association with 45 years of experience promoting the internationalization and innovation of Spanish exporters, by representing their sectors and enhancing their competitiveness.

Designing for the Extremes
One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is designing services and products for the average user. The average user is an artificial and static representation of real users that generates dysfunctions. Interestingly, the solution lies in the extremes. Learn more.

Efficient Management of Twitter
More and more companies use Twitter. This tool is called to be so common in our jobs as the email. Companies are increasingly familiar with the terms tweet, hashtag or follower, but to use Twitter does not mean to manage it efficiently. Learn more.



Presentations Design

The best way to spread ideas is through visual content. Pictures combined with text help people to better understand long-form business communications and posts. I design presentations to reinforce the essential message of some of my posts and I’ve also designed corporate presentations for AMEC.

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