When LinkedIn allowed all users to post articles, this social network became a serious competitor to WordPress. I’ve seen firsthand how effective it can be.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to tell a story about the importance of undertaking new things, no matter if we succeed or fail. However, that issue didn’t meet the “editorial line” of my blog, so I never had published it.

When, a few months ago, LinkedIn announced that all users could publish articles on the social network’s publishing platform and monitor their post’s stats such as views, likes, and other metrics, it was clear I would use this new tool to share my story.

Finally, I published the article on LinkedIn last week. A week after, the metrics were these:

  • 3,367 people viewed my post
  • 225 people liked my post
  • 215 people were following me
  • 27 people commented on my post
  • 517 people shared my post on LinkedIn

Wow. I never had similar stats with any of my blog’s posts.

The conclusion is clear: LinkedIn is much more effective promoting content than any other platform. It has used its network strength to exponentially increase its ability to share content.

In comparison, the tag-based structure of WordPress created to share articles is insignificant. Given this, should we abandon WordPress and migrate to LinkedIn?

I think that only some people should do this, since a blog is something more than metrics and posts.

Over time, blogs have become a place where professionals can promote their skills and knowledge through the content posted. LinkedIn is only a résumé with publications.

In addition, a well-designed blog can be ideal for publishing photographs, pictures or videos. LinkedIn can hardly go beyond the text combined with images. I cannot imagine how, for example, the photographer Scott Schuman could move his blog The Sartorialist to LinkedIn.

But if you don’t need your own website and your articles are mainly text, don’t hesitate: your place is LinkedIn.

And it’s precisely for this reason that WordPress should keep a close eye on LinkedIn.