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Environment-centered Design

A design process that doesn’t take into account the environment cannot, by definition, be human-centered. Learn more.

The Adaptative Industry: Forum amec 2015

With the slogan “The adaptative industry”, the Forum amec 2015 focused the debate on how the industry should adapt to a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global environment (VUCA).

In The User’s Shoes
One of the most important roles in Design of products and services is the role of the observer. However, being in the user’s shoes can offer us a new perspective. Learn more.

Efficient Management of Twitter 
More and more companies use Twitter. This tool is called to be so common in our jobs as the email. Companies are increasingly familiar with the terms tweet, hashtag or follower, but to use Twitter does not mean to manage it efficiently. Learn more.

Order & Chaos 
On 1955 the RAND Corporation generated one million random digits and published the list.
In the middle of that sea of digits, five consecutive zeros appeared. The order in the middle of chaos. Or perhaps is chaos in the middle of the order?

About Me (in 1 Minute) 



Videos Design

I design videos to promote my posts, myself and just for fun. Enjoy!

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