Websites of industrial companies have to be highly practical and contain very precise information to properly fulfill their function. I’ve selected some examples to inspire you and avoid the most common mistakes.

The most important page of a corporate website is the Home page, since its purpose is to convey the key information contained in the whole site. Obviously, the “About”, “Products” and “Contact” pages also play an important role, but if we need to visit three pages to figure out just what this is about, a website has failed.

The first thing to consider about how we wish it were our Home page is what are looking for those people who visit our website for the first time.

The profile of the visitors of an industrial company website is usually other companies looking for a supplier or a partner to distribute their products. They have little time and they are looking for very specific information:

  • Company name
  • Country of the Head office
  • Business activity (manufacturers, distributors…)
  • Products

The home page should convey this information quickly and directly. If the visitor wants to know more, other pages will complete it in more detail. Let’s see some examples.

What should NOT be done

> A Home page is not a postcard


This site greets us with a sentence: “Welcome to the homepage of the company …” along with a photo of a building. Certainly, it is clear that they are very polite, but this page is absolutely useless.

> An unknown logo means nothing


The name of the company allows us to guess that the company is in a North African country and they are distributors. More complex is to understand the meaning of the logos on the home page. Do we have to search every one of the logos to find out what this company does?

> Let’s get to the point!


This website makes a very common mistake. It explains that the company is a leader in its sector, that it is based on a competent team who adapts to the needs of their customers and their goal is to offer quality products … Great, but who are you?

What should be done

The following websites are excellent examples of how to correctly design a home page for an industrial company. In every image I indicate the four key elements: (1) name, (2) country, (3) activity and (4) product.

> Aromateh (France)


> Beta Company (Kosovo)


> Gecotrap (Tunisia)


> Baltgina (Lithuania)


> Metalbud (Latvia)