Tweets with images and videos get twice the engagement of those without. But do we really know how to correctly use visual content on Twitter?

Here you’ll find good and bad examples of how to use visual content on Twitter. Since some of the tweets I embeded will likely disappear in the future, I designed a presentation with the most important tips and tweets. Enjoy!

Wait some seconds until the tweets appear (some tweets don’t appear correctly when embeded and I had to upload them as images).

1. Landscape orientation

Don’t use portrait photos because Twitter cuts them.

When you publish this:

In fact, your followers see this:


And when you publish this:

Your followers see this:


2. Avoid white backgrounds

Tweets’ background is white. The contrast with colored images highlights the message. 

3. Pay attention to quality

Be careful and check your images. Don’t tweet blurred, pixelated or small images. Just some sad examples:

4. Banners

Design banners to promote your events and posts, but try to add information!

What does this banner mean? Twitter images are not blog featured images.

Those examples are much better:

5. Add value to your images

Images alone are not enough. Try to offer something to your followers.

Twitter is full with no-sense photos like this:

Instead, you could amaze followers with images like this:

6. Don’t tweet presentations, please

You’re attending a conference? Congratulations.  But we can read your tweet. It’s not necessary to publish a boring slide.


Quotes are great.

But try to add some interesting background.

8. Several images

Publish several images in the same tweet. Don’t bother your followers with endless tweets.

9. Twitter cards?

Twitter cards are new, have a button…


But are they really better that a traditional tweet? Compare these two tweets:

red bull card

10. Ribbon images!

Sometimes less is more. Ribbon images use less space in the home timeline and are easier to see.

11. Give a voice to your customers

Show how your customers enjoy your product. It’s not always me, me, me.

12. Play with your product

13. Presentations

Yes, you can publish your SlideShare presentations on Twitter…

And documents.

14. Infographics

Don’t explain data. Show it.

And remember that you have limited space! Don’t imitate tweets like these:

15. Videos

There’s something better than images? – Videos!

And avoid titles in the center, since the play icon will cover them. Look this example:

Much better!

16. Vine videos

6’secs videos which reproduce automatically always catch our attention.

17. Animated gifs

Animated gifs are an interesting alternative to Vine (although more complex to create).

18. Sound

Yes, sounds can also be images!