If ever you wondered how the creation of valuable content can be useful to promote a business, you’ll find the answer in this infographic.

We rarely have the opportunity to trace the journey that makes content, from its publication until it returns with a visitor to our website. This makes the value of publishing valuable content somewhat diffuse.

On November 21, 2004, I saw a tweet that caught my attention for the image it contained. This made me embark on a long journey to websites unknown until then. I’ve reflected this journey into an infographic.

Throughout this journey there are a number of key elements that make it possible for the visitor to reach the website of the content creator.

  • Valuable content
  • An infographic (visual content).
  • An influencer (who has been an intermediary between the content creator and the audience).
  • A tweet with image (visual content, again).
  • Links that connect the different players among them.

These elements are, in fact, essential for a content distribution strategy and, ultimately, to promote a business.

The Journey of an Infographic (tiny) - sugoru