Every day new websites are created or redesigned and in many cases it’s necessary to use the well-known “under construction” page. Although it will only exist temporarily, we should not neglect the design of this important page.

During the time we are working on our website, the “under construction” page is the only page that explains to the world who we are. However, if we take a look at some of them, in most cases it’s clear that it has not been given any importance to its design.

This misuse is a consequence of not taking into account the point of view of those who visit our website during this period. We think that visitors already know us, but in most cases they found our website address somewhere else and they don’t know anything about us. If upon arrival, they only see the short message “under construction” without any further information, they will leave and won’t return. Are we willing to lose customers just for this reason?

Something similar happens with the stores that are being built or renewed. We’ve all seen store windows covered carelessly with papers or sheets of newspaper. Fortunately, some brands have realized that even this transitional situation offers an opportunity for promotion and they have begun to innovate.

desigual outlet store barcelona under construction

This Desigual outlet store in Barcelona is a perfect example of “under construction” design. Read the text in the right side detail.

Every week I visit hundreds of websites and I often find “under construction” pages. I hoped to find a few good examples, but it was impossible. Consequently, I’ve decided to make an exercise of design-fiction and imagine how the perfect page would be. First, however, Let’s see which are the essential elements that these pages should contain.

0. What should never be done

'Csrgroup_it' - crsgroup_it

Very nice, but who are you?

1. Name of the company

'Privilege Industries Limited' - privilegeindustries_com

It seems something obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many websites don’t include this basic information.

2. Address and contact details

'Fratelli Pettinaroli Spa' - pettinaroli_com

Although your website is under construction, your company continues to work. You should provide the opportunity for visitors to call or send you an email … or know in which country you are!

3. “Under construcción” icon

'www_eliteztekstil_com_tr' - eliteztekstil_com_tr

Keep in mind that some of your visitors don’t understand your language. Besides the “under construction” or “coming soon” message, you should include an icon to help them to understand that this page is only temporary.

4. Description of the product or service

'Future Home of ASIAKONSTRUKT (Asian Construction and Development Corporation)' - www_asiakonstrukt_com

Remember that many visitors don’t know who you are. Describe your activity so they know if you are what they’re looking for.

5. Product Image

'cavesmungust' - www_cavesmungust_com

A picture is worth a thousand words.

6. Notification signup

'Phoenix Alcobevz' - phoenixalcobevz_com

This item is not really necessary, but it can be very useful in some cases. Furthermore, it can be an interesting system to detect new customers.

And finally, the perfect “under construction” page

I thought about the most boring product I could imagine and I designed the best possible page. This is the result. It includes all the elements we’ve seen.

Screws and sons