Hi. Allow me to introduce myself.

About Susana Gonzalez Ruiz

I’m a Sociologist based in Barcelona (Spain).

After finishing a Master in International Relations at IBEI in Barcelona, I worked in the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Paris. In 2009, upon my return to Barcelona, I studied an specialization in Web Design.

Since 2010 I’m Head of Information and International Research at AMEC, a business organization where I help companies identify the best international trade partners and business opportunitues. Over time, I’ve also become Social Media Manager and Designer of presentations, websites and infographics. While working at AMEC I took a Business Intelligence specialization diploma at the UOC.

In 2011 I created Sugoru, a blog where I share my passion and expertise in Design and Innovation. Since 2013 I’m Contributor at Innovation Excellence and PreScouter Journal, publishing articles on innovation strategy.

Alongside my work as a blogger, I’m an independent researcher specializing in Inclusive Design. My goal is to deconstruct user-centered design to rethink how the user is integrated into the design process, building a new design approach and giving tools to create better products and services. Find here more information on my research.

I’m also a Freelance Presentations Designer since 2015.

Have a look at my portfolio to see some examples of my work.

For further information please contact sugorublog@gmail.com